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É amanhã, gente!! Contagem regressiva... O porquê dessa euforia toda?! 1 dos meus atores preferidos tem grandes chances de levar o Oscar pra casa e não estou falando do Leo! Estou falando do Sly!! Que está concorrendo com seu personagem mais querido: Rocky Balboa ❤❤
Ele já ganhou o Golden Globe, que foi a melhor e mais divertida premiação de cinema até agora (esse ano) - por isso que estou aqui - pra deixar registrado os melhores momentos ❤❤

OMG! Have you seen '21 Jump Street' (2012)?? Channing and Jonah are so fun together!!
Here, Jonah came to present the awar as the bear from 'The Revenant'... LOL
Btw, he and DiCaprio became BFF's in 'The Wolf of Wall St' - lot's of laughs too :)))

Tarantino accepted the award of Best Score for 'The Hateful Eight' on behalf of the GREAT 
Ennio Morricone... Grazie!!

It's JLaw & Amy, but it could be you and your girl friend playing at the living room in front of the TV, right?! haha...

2 times winner - Jim Carrey!! Always fun!!

Mel Gibson presenting the new 'Mad Max' (2015) and I was like... yeah, you've should be in this film - it wasn't the same thing without him.. but it's a subject for another blog post - keep tuned ;)

Will Ferrel is funnier than Mark Walbert... oh! You already know that.. sure!

Beautiful Family, Denzel!! He certainly deserved this award Cecil B. DeMille - which honors extraordinary contributions to the entertainment world.

The moment you realize Leo is afraid of Gaga!! haha...

And yes.. he won for Best Performance of an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

Best Party Moments!

I don't know what Katy Perry was doing there but I'm sure she enjoyed it a LOT!!

Orlando Bloom + Morgan Freeman = Moves Like Jagger ❤❤

My favorite moment of the night, of course... an standing ovation!! Gonna Fly Now, Sly ❤❤

* see you at the Oscars ;)