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Talk about this book or the GIRLBOSS concept is old news, I know!
But we always need some motivation. To get to work, to get things done, to change something in your life. To improve your career, achieve your goals... There are so many things we can do!!
So... Here's my collection to help you to get start it! Or just help you get through this week.

Wake up & Hustle

Fashion tips to success - lessons for personal life and professional life
gaining confidence in yourself and in your business
you just need to start - one step at time
With so much information available today, we need to focus on what is really important to us - what will increase our knowledge and what we'll be able to use as a tool for growth and development of our brand
It's good to be different
Some advices are for a lifetime!
If you dind't read it yet... what are you waiting for?! 
Every girl should be a #GIRLBOSS (by Sophia Amoruso, 2014)
And I recommend "Not that kind of girl" by Lena Dunham too.

Keep up the good work ;)
                                                                                                                           *Photos from We Heart it