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Bye Bye Bye!!!

Farewell 2015... At least one great thing: It was a great year for feminists 

On Cinema:

The Oscars 2015

Our Leading Ladies - Heroines:

for 'Mad Max - Fury Road'  Furiosa 

our 'Mockingjay'  Katniss Everdeen

when The Force comes from a Disney Princess = 'Star Wars'  Rey

On Music:

who wants to be part of Taylor Swift Squad??    

Adele says 'Hello' 

X Factor 2015 winner 🎼 Louisa Johnson 🎼 

And on Politics:

For hopeful Syrian and Afghan refugees she is "Mama Merkel" since the chancellor's open-door policy brought around a million refugees to Germany over 2015. The flood of migrants, a consequence of the devastating war in Syria, was the biggest in Europe since World War II and put the continent under huge strain, exposing its fault lines.

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