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Happy Hunger Games!!

Yes ... happy! If "The Hunger Games" was a Disney movie, of course it would be about the story of an enchanted princess with a happy ending ...

Have you ever stopped to think about it?! Of course not, right?! ... Just some crazy fan of the series or even I could do such thing - 'cause I've been watching the film so many times already and now I'm reading the books as well!

Could I justify saying I like the story of revolution of a society against its oppressive government, it may even be that ... but being honest with you it is all because of Peeta - "the bread boy" (the way Katniss refers to the boy in the book) and their love story... hahaha ....

Anyway ... as it is approaching the release date of the last film of the series - "Mockingjay - Part 2" and we're anxious to see it, I decided to create a series of posts too about all the movies and books ...

This's the first one: real characters transformed into cartoon.

Here we have the warrior princess - Katniss - who goes to war to defend her family...

and she has a lovely little sister, fragile and innocent everybody wants to protect

The animals of the forest who are always around to help the princess... even if it's just to sing :)

The best friend, who actually is in love with the princess.
And he's also is a great warrior.

Peeta!! "Oh! no, not him!" The bread boy... 
You never noticed, but he's have watching you from a long time

He's able to turn himself into a prince charming to conquer the love of princess

Oh! Of course we have a villain!

And an eccentric fairy (but she has good intentions)

That friend that helps you to address your problems

A poor little girl we all wanna protect...

And that beautiful warrior who makes every girl fall in love with him
He might seem tough, but actually has a good heart

The final scenes, you already know, as we're talking about a fairy tale, 
everything will turn out ok ... The prince gets the princess!

She gets a beautiful dress of her fairy godmother

And after the gala that is given to the whole kingdom to celebrate the end of the war,
they lived happily ever after!

The End