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Stylish Sly


So, today is Sylvester Stallone's Birthday?!
I'm celebrating sharing this post with you about Sly's Expendables costumes ;)
Ok, ok, I know it's old news and you'd prefer if I talked about Creed's movie which had the 1st trailer released last week..
But still I need to let recorded here... the man got style!

In the movie Barney (Sly's character) travels around the country (and Mexico too) to recruit a new team. Anywhere he goes, Barney is dressed according to local flavor. Simple shirt and aviators in Las Vegas, wool coat with Native American ornaments in Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, leather jacket and hat in New York night club, retro leather coat in Arizona, military jacket at an air base in California, embroidered shirt in Mexico.
 I love the blue lenses...
In the 1st "Expendables", Sly wears Ray-Ban Outdoorsman sunglasses and (everybody knows) he had a similar pair of Outdoorsman sunglasses in the 1980s movie "Cobra" ♡♡♡
Rocky's hat... yeah it could be!
look how cute this illustration is! I think I found it on tumblr 

From the movies to real life... in case you still have doubts about his style.. 

at the premiere using the same watch he wears in the movie

talking about premiere... 2014 Cannes Festival = sunglasses + purple tuxedo ( + Mel Gibson!)

Some people born with style...
Cobra's sunglasses for Vanity Fair 1985 mag cover 


to finish... from "Rocky" (1979)
"That was my wardrobe! I still have it at home. Yeah! We didn't have budget for wardrobe. I bought that coat when I was 19 and living in Philadelphia. I bought it at E. J. Korvette for like $32. It was half leather and half something from Korea. When I thought about the character, I went, 'I got the black pants, the boots.'" 
*BTW he's 69 years old now ☆☆
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