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Young and Beautiful

New obsession: "The Great Gatsby"!

My father said that's a women kind of film. What do you mean?!

I mean.. the type of film and type of history that has as the main character a man who is able to build a whole empire from nothing only to conquer the woman of his dreams is the kind of movie that just attracts women? Really?! Why is that?
Because it creates false expectations and illusions? Because this kind of man does not exist, except in books and movies?

Well.. I'm sorry but I think I'll have to agree... it's sad.. Gatsbys don't exist :(

I blame Disney! haha...

Anyway ... I enjoyed reading the Fitzgerald novel and like even more the new version that Baz Luhrmann did for the cinema - actors, scenery and soundtrack are just spectacular as the great parties offered by Jay Gatsby at his colossal cassel!


Lana Del Rey's song fits like a glove

hummmm... Did I hear sighs?! haha.....

*still waiting for my Gatsby, but don't go tell anybody ok?!