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Sexy is Back

Justin Timberlake está de volta e cheio de charme com terno de Tom Ford em seu novo video clip "Suit & Tie".
Tom trabalhou em uma série de roupas e acessórios especiais para ilustrar o novo álbum de Justin - The 20/20 Experience.. "Adoro o Justin. Ele tem um estilo próprio e um talento incrível. Foi um pazer e uma honra trabalhar neste processo criativo", contou o designer. 

"The cover artwork for the single featured Timberlake in a tuxedo, starched white shirt and black bow tie, signature for Ford, and the lyric video showed the singer wearing a Ford three-piece suit, onyx cufflinks and leather loafers. Elsewhere in the video (which could easily be mistaken for a Ford ad) are a selection of ties, bow ties, leather gloves and patent leather lace-ups. Ford designed all of the suits in the video and contributed by styling the production as well.
According to an official announcement, “Ford worked closely with Timberlake and his team to provide made-to-measure tailoring, including evening wear, suiting, shirting, ties, shoes and accessories that will be a focal point of the The 20/20 Experience.”
“I adore Justin,” Ford told Vogue UK. “He has innate style and enormous talent. It has been such a pleasure and honour to work with him throughout this entire creative process.” The video gives a shout-out not only to Ford, but to designer Alexander Wang as well." by Time Style

Aproveito para lembrar o video clip quase "curta-metragem" da música "What Goes Around... Comes Around" que tem participação de Scarlett Johansson e cujo a história - dizem - é quase uma auto-biografia de Justin. Enfim, a produção ficou muito boa e virou um clássico.

Scarlett is stunning on the mini-movie music video “What Goes Around… Comes Around” which was written by Nick Cassavetes and directed by Samuel Bayer.
"Timberlake enlisted her services when he and Bayer decided they wanted to use real actors, not models, for the video, which was meant to be a short movie. Since Timberlake had just worked with Nick Cassavetes on the film “Alpha Dog”." by Zimbio