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Rio de Janeiro

Coming to Rio for the Carnaval too?!

sambódromo, by Niemeyer

don't forget to pass by the city sights ;)
here are some of them...

Cristo Redentor

Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar

Arcos da Lapa

Museu de Arte Moderna - MAM, by Affonso Reidy

and the beach, of course!! 
(p.s. the sidewalk - "calçadão de Copacabana" by Burle Marx)


miss b said…
This looks like lots of fun!
Thank you for the lovely comment about the cocktail.
i've never been to brazil! and im from peru! so... like neighbours!
Alexa said…
This looks amazing!
agasuitcase said…
Great pictures! I would love to be there...
Thank you for your comment on my blog:-) I follow you now, would you like to follow me as well?