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La Dolce Vita

The post I wrote about Marcello Mastroianni have 9,266 pageviews until today! I'm so glad that it makes wanna make more posts about the italian actor we love!
The 1st movie I saw with him of course was "La dolce vita" by Fellini (1960) and it changed everything I thought I knew about movies and even life! And I'm pretty sure that it have this effect in everyone who sees this film too...
So I just wanna thank all the fans of Mastroianni that increases my blog pageviews with these pics of the perfect Fontana di Trevi scene with him and la bella Anita Ekberg... oh god... what a sweet life!
By the way I wanna do the same when I'm in Rome! Just wait and you'll see here someday ;)
O post que escrevi sobre Marcello Mastroianni tem 9.266 pageviews até hoje! Estou tão feliz que deu vontade de fazer mais posts sobre o ator italiano que adoramos!
primeiro filme que vi com ele, obviamente, foi "La dolce vita", de Fellini (1960) e mudou tudo que eu pensava que sabia sobre filmes e até mesmo sobre a vida! E tenho certeza que ele faz esse efeito em todos que assistem...
Então, eu só quero agradecer aos fãs de Mastroianni que aumentam as visitas em meu blog com estas fotos da
cena perfeita na Fontana di Trevi com ele e la bella Anita Ekberg... oh god! what a sweet life!
Aliás eu quero fazer o mesmo quando for à Roma um dia! Me aguardem ;)

more marvelous pics here


caramellitsa said…
amazing photos and your post about him is so great no wonder why it has so many views :)

kisses <3 caramellitsa

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Unknown said…
These photos are crazy beautiful. LOVE THEM.

<3 Marina
amazing pictures and lovely post!

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Theriz said…
big THANK YOU girls ;D
Athena said…
<3 sweety