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Bonjour Paris!!

Paris, France
I'm in Paris... 

"I want to step out
Down the champs-élysées,
From the arch of triumph
To the petit palais.
That's for me:
Bonjour, paris!

I want to wander
Through the saint-honoré,
Do some window shopping
In the rue de la paix
That's for me:
Bonjour, paris!

I want to see the den of thinking men
Like jean-paul sartre.
I must philosophise with all the guys
Around montmartre and montparnasse.

I'm strictly (a) tourist
But i couldn't care less.
When they parlez-vous me
Then i gotta confess.
That's for me:
Bonjour, paris!

Light up the louvre museum
Jazz up the latin quarter
To show the richest and the poorest:
Here it comes,
The great american tourist!

This has got to be illegal
What i feel
Trés gay, trés chic,
Trés mag-nifique
C'est moi, c'est vous
C'est grand, c'est too tout...
It's too good to be true,
All the things we can do.
You do things to my point of view.

We can show you the north or
We can show you the south then
We can show you the west!

Come on and show me (& men) the best!
That's for me:
Bonjour, paris!

Living is easy,
The livin' is high.
All good americans
Should come here to die.

Am i here?
Is it real?

There's something missing
There's still one place
I've got to go!
[they arrive at the bottom of the eiffel tower
One after the other and meet in the lift.]

We're strictly tourists,
You can titter and jeer.
All we want to say is
La fayette, we are here
On a spree,
Bonjour, paris!
Dick [as they congratulate each other, laughing]
Well, how was that?"


Unknown said…
i love paris!i want to travel there soon!!follow u!!
Natalie Pol said…
I read your comment that you're in London! Till what date are u going to be in there?;)

I'm available next weekend!