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L'amour Rouge

Is there anything more fashion - sexy and glamorous than a woman with red lips??


Sada said…
Great them all! Too hard to choose which is my favourite?? Also Gwen & Gaga are beyond amazing!!
Unknown said…
OH there isn't red lips are just fabulous. Great pictures

<3 Marina
Camila Velloso said…
tinha que ter colocado nossa foto a la red tambem!!
MJ said…
Love red lipstick- it will forever be chic! Following you now!

follow me-
Theriz said…
thanks for the comments girls!! you're the best! red lipstick 4ever ;) I've already got mine - by Revlon!
Ashley said…
All great pictures! I love the first one:) xx
love the pictures! red lips are the best!

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