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... talking about architecture....

Havaianas’ first store in Brazil, by Isay Weinfeld (2009)

"To design a store at one of the world’s most expensive addresses (Rua Oscar Freire, in São Paulo) to sell products that cost from € 2.30 to € 10.00 – and not more than that – was, at one time, the excitement and the joy of the work.
Our greatest challenge was to cast onto the architecture the climate the brand inspires: freshness, casualness, comfort, ease, well-being, Brazilianness." read more at Arch Daily

 .... and talking about fashion...

Missoni + Havaianas 2011
 we S2 Havaianas!!

oficial site store


Ashley said…
Wow and double wow! All for some flip flops:) I would've loved to have seen that. Thanks for sharing your great pictures:) xx
Theriz said…
Hey Ashley! Thank you for the lovely message!! Pls visit more often ;)
Anonymous said…
ola, que lindo o seu blog! Amei as fotos gigantes? Mora no Brasil? Te achei pelo Independent Fashion Bloggers! :-) xx
Linds said…
so cute! i love me some havaianas!