Versatile Blogger Award

April 6, 2011

Recived my first blog award from Statement Art, Design&Fashion!! 
Yey!!! Thanks a lot!! Really sweet and cute of you ;)

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to…(random order)

About Chocolates & Vogue:

1 - I love chocolates and Vogue... but wait, who doesn't??

2 - I'm an architect

3 - I'm post-graduating in Fashion right now

4 - Program for summer weekends: going out with the girls

5 - Program for winter weekends: staying in home watching movies and eating a tons of chocolates

6 - Addicted to coffee and cappuccinos

7 - New fashion acquisition Lanvin S2 H&M floral dress!!

Now let me return the love...

My Versatile Blogger Award goes to…

Congrats to the winners! I truly recommend these bloggers ;)
And a lot more that I've just discover... keep up the great work!

P.S.: When you get the award you have to :

*thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog in your post
*tell 7 things about yourself
*award 7 recently discovered bloggers
-*contact the bloggers to let them know they received the award


  1. Wow, congratulation girls!

  2. congratulations sweetie:DDDD
    thank you sooo much :DDDDD I am soo happy :DD
    congratulations to all the winners ;) ;)

  3. Thank you sooo much hun. And congrats for the others, i am sure they`re all great. i will check out their blog and and follow asap. Now its time for me to choose 7 good blog, i ll try to do my best.

  4. Congratulations!.
    Thank you so much to nominate me as well, you are too sweet.
    Keep the great blogging!:)

  5. that is very sweet of you..thankU thankU :))) w

  6. Congratulations sweets!!!