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I Don't Want Flowers!

Again (and always) I have to say... I'm in love with the Lanvin S2 H&M collection. And no... I don't want flowers or diamonds... I just wanna all these perfect dresses forever!! But from where (you might be asking) where all this love come from?

Haute Couture my friend!... yes it makes this effect - A piece of an haute couture is a work of art, it's the dream of a brilliant and privileged mind that in the time it turns real it turns into a dream again! A consumer desire's dream for thousands of women all over the world, shaking and increasingly contributing to the growth of millionaire' fashion industry... 

It's the dream of the impossible, the unreachable, the unattainable ... the luxury of exclusivity or the uniqueness that makes luxury?
There are no answers, just a solid future (unlike some people may think), because after all, we need dreams to live!

Santa Lolla's sandals

A special thanks to Lanvin , Alber Elbaz and H&M... for making dreams come true!!


Unknown said…
You look so gorgeous...I'm in love with your shoes and your dress is so girly and perfect..loves it.

ps..just like your Facebook page and left you the link for mine hopefully we can connect in there too.

Gale's Hats said…
You do look amazing!!! We love it. Following you :)


P.S. We are posting a giveaway later tonight in honor of the Royal Wedding. Hope you can apply.
Hi dear!You look so gorgeous!Love your dress and all the pics!
Thanks for following :) I'm following you now!
Have a nice day,
Sada said…
You are soooooo working the dress!! LOVE IT!!
Theriz said…
hey girls!!! so happy you like it ;) had a lot of fun doing these photos XD thanks for the lovely comments!! I hope see you here more often!
Ashley said…
I love your floral dress so much!
And thank you for following me, that was very unexpected and sweet:) I'm following you now; you have a great blog!
MF said…
what a cool blog! i am glad i came across it. i love the photos. espcially in this post. Great great great shoes!

come visit my blog. maybe we can follow each other!

im excited to read your future posts!
Unknown said…
i love how you look in that dress, andi love the pearls paired with it!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
Theriz said…
and welcome to new followers!!
luv ya!!
Kristen said…
These shots are simply beautiful. Love them!
SoapyMermaid said…
you are superb looking!! :)
MF said…
thank you for the comment on my blog!

i am now following you as well!

Mary said…
eu que tireiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
oh, you look charming in this dress! very lovely photos - you are so happy!

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