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David... open your eyes!

Inspirado no filme espanhol (também com Penélope Cruz) "Abra los ojos" de Alejandro Amenábar, Cameron Crowe caprichou em "Vanilla Sky" - 
um dos meus filmes preferidos (senão o "mais" de todos! rsrs). 
Isso porque mistura ficção, romance, suspense e muitas referências em clássicos do cinema, obras de arte, discos... além de frases de impacto e claro uma trilha sonora impecável!

Não é estúdio - Times Square às 5h da manhã ;)

"Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me"

David Aames! "Living the dream baby, living the dream!" 
"The little things... there's nothing bigger, is there?"
"Don't you know that when you sleep with someone, 
your body makes a promise whether you do or not."

"I think she's the saddest girl to ever hold a martini"

watching "Benny the dog"
"pleasure delayer...."

"What is happiness to you, David?"

"My favorite Beatle was once John. Now it's... Paul."

"I know. But if she fucks up our friendship, she can go to hell. 
I won't allow it. We are bros."

"Dude, fix your fucking face!"

"I'll call you later!"

"My dreams are a cruel joke. They taunt me. Even in my dreams I'm an idiot... who knows he's about to wake up to reality. If I could only avoid sleep. But I can't. I try to tell myself what to dream. I try to dream that I am flying. Something free. It never works..."

"Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around..."

"Oh, no. It's great. This completely takes care of Halloween.
But what about the other 364 days of the year?"

"Where is Sooofiiiiaaaaaaa????"

"and don't come with the sweet and soure speech again!"

But what if the dream becomes a nightmare? for tech suport!

 Life Extension (LE) "Upon resurrection, you will continue in an ageless state…but living in the present with a future of your own choosing…Your life will continue as a realistic work of art, painted by you minute to minute."
Inspired by a Monet painting or a rock'n'roll album cover.

"look at us: you're dead and I'm frozen"

 "I'll see you in another life when we're be both cats!"

"The chef prepares a special menu
for your delight oh my
Tonight you fly so high up
in the vanilla sky
Your life is fine
It's sweet and sour
unbearable or great
You gotta love every hour
you must appreciate
This is your time
this is your day
You've got it all...
don't blow it away..."

Paul McCartney