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One Day in Braga

Braga, Portugal
It was my first time visiting Braga's charming historic center. My thoughts about it are not very different from the other Portuguese cities: the wine is great, the food is amazing and the architecture is beautiful. I love discovering old churches too and there's a lot of constructions there from the gothic and baroque periods worth a visit. 

We took the train from Porto - São Bento Station - and after +/- 1 hour trip we got there. Smooth and easy, I'm definitely going back to spend at least 2 more days strolling around the oldest town of the country.

Braga could be a base for a longer holiday, and the city has a wide selection of restaurants, shops and good nightlife.

Sé de Braga Cathedral

Curious facts: The Braga Diocese is the oldest in Portugal and, in the Middle Ages, the city even competed with Santiago de Compostela in power and importance.

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