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New York On the Go!

Nova Iorque, NY, EUA
OMG! How I've missed this city! Almost 5 years away and only a couple of days to catch up with all of the craziness we can only find here... Also, there are so many places to go. At this time, I'm staying Downtown - especially because of the architecture - to me, it's where the most beautiful (and famous - hello, movie sets!) buildings of New York are located. Anyway, I just want to share one of my morning routine around the area and my outfit choice. I hope you like it!

Before the sunrise, in a hurry and always looking up when at my favorite NYC area: the Financial District.
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Satin blazer from Zara
Vintage T-shirt (that Boy London from 'Atomic Blond', remember?)
Linen trousers from H&M
Bag from Ideal of Sweden
Scarf from a Union Square street vendor
Vegan leather boots from Zara

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Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, the One World Trade Center Building is right behind me (and so is the Vogue office)...

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