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Keanu Reeves

Breathtaking Keanu Reeves.. Or must I say John Wick is my #MCM

Making movies since the 80's Keanu never caught my attention .. well everything changes. It was just a matter of him letting his hair grow, putting on a black suit and getting out there full of desire for revenge to make me fall in love. (What a little twisted mind I have, don't you think? haha..) Maybe it's just some Batman feelings or a Bruce Wayne crush - and yes, I can't resist a dark knight! 

I mean, come on! Look at him fighting on a horse through the streets of New York! This is a scene of 'John Wick: chapter 3' that was released in the theaters few weeks ago.. I hope you watch it, because it''s very good (read: breathtaking)!

Now, seriously. Keanu was on twitter's TT yesterday and someone posted that the year of 2019 belonged to the actor. I have to agree, we're still in the beginning of June and we could see him not only in the 'John Wick' sequence but also on a cute Netflix romantic comedy that just launched and it's all everybody is talking about even if his appearance lasts for a few minutes. Plus! He'll be in Pixar's 'Toy Story 4' as Duke Caboom - in the theaters June 21 and he'll be featured in a new story for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game..

Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah! These breathtaking black and white photos for Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2019 menswear campaign.. "The campaign is a holy trinity of black and white images by David Sims, the father of stark fashion portraits with big attitude; Saint Laurent’s creative director AnthonyVaccarello provided art direction." (read more on GQ)

So intense! It's like Keanu was born to be the face of YSL 😎

Thanks, Anthony Vaccarello!

And before I go, I'll let you in very good company.. this video is the reason why the star of 'speed' (that's celebrating 25 years in 2019, btw) was on TT.. internet went crazy with Keanu's surprise appearance Sunday in L.A. at Microsoft's E3 2019 and this breathtaking presentation, please just watch:

Good night & sweet dreams all!