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All the Stars

I promised myself I would not talk about the Oscars this year, but I can't resist pretty ladies in fancy dresses and this years award was special with all those superheroes.. + mother monster Lady Gaga wearing the Holly Golightly yellow diamond from Tiffany & Co!!
Do I need more reasons?

Flores em você

".. Nessa vida passageira Eu sou eu, você é você Isso é o que mais me agrada Isso é o que me faz dizer...
Que vejo flores em você!.." Ira!

Minha inspiração para esse Valentine's Day:  Flores da Maison de Fleurs JF.. o que mais poderia ser?! Fiquei encantada quando fui visitar a loja …

Working with Style

Monday Inspiration: I'm sharing with you today my home office and from where I'm currently blogging since I retuned fromNY. Every little detail was very carefully choosen so it would look like me and match my personality and style - what do you think?

Gotta love polka dots! I told you abou…

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