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It’s a geek world

As I said here before, unfortunately, I spent a time without blogging and thus I left to share with you my visit at the biggest geek expo in Latin America ... yes, I went to Comic Con Experience in Brazil!

It has been a while I've been following the 'Comic Con' in San Diego, through TV…

Summer In NYC

It's summer here!
Time to go outside and enjoy the festivals :)

The Central Park SummerStage festival is one of them and it's fun in the park!

Demi Lovato on ABC 'Good Morning America' tv show.. it was amazing!! And this Friday she`ll come back to play again, so you can't miss …

Fashion Throwback

Hey guys, I don`t know if you know, but I'm in NYC right now... And it's been very busy here these days! I'm preparing a lot of special content to share here you you :) All the details about the trip, the hotel, shopping and more!
For now, I'm throwing back some photos from an Elle …

Theriz Interviews: Mina B

Hello, dear readers! I'm proud to share here with you my 1st blog interview (from a long time). And it's a special one.. I want you to meet Mina, from Underline Designs - an Etsy shop where I found my perfect new blog template ❤️ I like it so much that got me very curiouse about the creatio…

Theriz Takes Manhattan

'Nova iorque é ali  Tão perto daqui  O piloto sorri  Lá se vai o avião  Eles são o que rola  Eles fazem a moda  Nova iorque é mais perto Que o sertão 
Nova iorque é ali  Tão perto daqui  Oito horas de vôo E ilusão  Nós pisamos na bola  Eles ganham em dólar  Nova iorque é mais perto Que o sertão
Crack, Rap, …

Changing Stars

This's a quote from the movie 'A knight's tale' do you know? It means something like 'change your destiny'. Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that everything that happens in your life is meant to be? I believe that everything that happens in your life has a reason f…

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