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Queenie Eye

Yesterday Twitter went wild after a gossip website published a video in which our friend and favorite Beatle (at least for me) was blocked at the entrance of a Grammy's afterparty in Los Angeles.
Hello people!?? How come sir Paul McCartney is not on the list??
I'm sure this party production team fired who made the guest list and that the security that didn't let him enter must be already looking for a job elsewhere ... and you?
When I saw the video, I immediately posted solidarity messages to Paul and remembered that he has many friends which he can have a party with - at least that's showing this clip I ❤❤❤ Queenie Eye.

Who needs a guest list when you have Kate Moss??

Johnny Depp

Jude Law

Meryl Streep

Everybody come together...

Even Sean Pen!

Yeah! No need to worry...

Again: I Love the music and the video...

Don't you think that the music lyrics matches with the whole the situation?

"There were rules you never told me
never came up with a plan
all the stories that you sold me
didn’t help me understand

but I had to get it worked out
had nobody who could help
so then in the end it turned out
that I had to do it
by myself…"

And for those who didn't see it yet.. the unfortunately incident:

* "...Never blame
If romances
Seldom came
Never pick a fight you're gonna lose..."

** You need another hit - not to get to another lame party, but to continue inspiring us with your beautiful and everlasting/ immortal/ eternal songs