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Polka dots!

∴ Do you like it?! I'm gonna show you how to use it/ wear it like a rockstar!! ∴

When I first watched the new clip of the dearest Gwen Stefani, it was like a big discovery: "wow!! She really likes to wear polka dot clothes!!" Since "Don't Speak" video clip!!! Have you notice it too? Do you remember that hit song from the 90's?! (btw I still have the CD and still listen to it.. haha...)
But she doesn't wear it like any other person, she wears it with a lot of style!!

with No Doubt
"You and me... we use to be together... everyday together... always..."

and solo
for the music video "Cool", 2005

Street Style Pics from Pinterest

the new one...

and the Classic one!!

oh... I miss the 90's..♡