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The Wolf

Tonight's the 86th edition of the Oscars Academy Awards and...

As in every year, I'm staying home to watch it and like every year too I'm eager to know who will win what, what will be the jokes, the gaffes, who will cry, who will rock the red carpet ... . Anyway ...
Unlike other years, however, I've watched only one of the movies that were nominated so far, but still it's my favorite and I'll explain why...
A Martin Scorsese's movie always means a good movie: well told story, starring cast, interesting scenarios, impeccable wardrobe/ costumes, beautiful photography and classical soundtrack.

So since I saw the trailer for "The Wolf of Wall Street" - another partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio - I knew the movie would be great!

To raise expectations, unintentionally, I went to the premiere of the film in London!
That's right, I was on vacation in the city while on a beautiful morning I read in the newspaper "Metro": Premiere Tonight at the Leicester Square!

Yes I saw Leo near me.. he's really beautiful and tall and skinny.. haha... (the video is on my Instagram)
Margot Robbie is also really beautiful and she was gorgeous wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown.


And the Best Actor Oscar goes to...


Did you know he never won an Oscar?? Not even for "Titanic"!


By the way... Giorgio Armani signs the suits that Leo uses in the film... but this's a subject for the next blog post ;)