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Who ordered pizza??

Ellen did! And it was one of the best and funniest moments of all the Oscars I ever saw!  And I'm glad to share it with you now.. ;)

A lot of actors and actresses liked the idea and were spotted having some pleasant moment with their pizzas...
Meanwhile, at home...

for more #oscars2014 …

Clube da Esquina II

"Por que se chamava moço
Também se chamava estrada
Viagem de ventania
Nem lembra se olhou prá trás
A primeiro passo asso asso ...
Por que se chamavam homens
Também se chamavam sonhos
E sonhos não envelhecem
Em meio a tantos gases lacrimogênios
Ficam calmos calmos calmos...

E lá se vai

The Wolf

Tonight's the 86th edition of the Oscars Academy Awards and...

As inevery year, I'm staying hometo watchit and likeevery year too I'm eager toknow who will winwhat, what will bethe jokes, thegaffes, who will cry, who willrock thered carpet....Anyway ... Unlikeother years, however,I'v…

Black and Gold

All the best black and white' moments with the most desired golden award of the cinema.. ♡
1955 Oscars Golden Age: what a match!
Best Actress Grace Kelly for "The Country Girl"(1954) by George Seaton and
Best actor Marlon Brando for "On the Waterfront" (1954) by Elia Kaza…

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