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the sci-fi guy

He's super stylish, but we're tired of knowing that.. also a great actor. But I'm here to talk about my favorite film genre - the science fiction. And incidentally, Jude Law is in the cast of one of my favorites: "Gattaca"! You must also remember him in "AI" playing a gigolo robot in a future where robots are capable of feeling (or not!) ... And 2 more science fiction movies with him were launched recently: "Repo Men", which has a surprise ending, and Contagion - a fiction with a current theme that may become real anytime.

Anyway, does Jude has the face of the future that attracts the casting directors or he just enjoy doing this kind of movie?

Que ele é super estiloso, já estamos cansados de saber.. um ator perfomático também. Mas estou aqui para falar do meu gênero de filmes preferido - a ficção científica. E por acaso, Jude Law está no elenco de um dos meus preferidos: "Gattaca"! Vocês também devem lembrar dele em "AI" como um robô gigolô num futuro em que os robos são capazes de ter sentimentos (ou não?!)... E recentemente foram lançados mais 2: "Repo Men", que tem um final surpreendente, e Contágio - uma ficção com tema atual e bem possível do real.

Enfim, será que Jude tem tanta cara de futuro que atrai os diretores de elenco ou apenas gosta de fazer esse tipo de filme? 


suffering from being a genetically perfect man - with Ethan Hawke in "Gattaca" (1997),
by Andrew Niccol


as Gigolo Joe - the face of the love in the future?


"A.I. Artificial Intelligence" (2001), by Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubric


with brazilian actress Alice Braga in "Repo Men" (2010), by Miguel Sapochnik


and as a blogger in "Contagion" (2011), by Steven Soderbergh

Hey Jude, I'm waiting for the next and a lot more Sci Fi films!


Marcela Gmd said…
Wow I love Jude Law!!!!!
Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
Unknown said…
can this guy be any hotter?
his accent makes me stare at him with open mouth!
Melissa said…
liking the styling in this shot!

MJ RU1Z said…
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MJ RU1Z said…
Hello Thereza. I love this actor. Thanks for the information. I don't know that he had worked in some of these films. I have to watch these films. Bye!