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Fashion Journeys

Louis Vuitton Journeys Campaing

"Some journeys change mankind forever" (Astronauts) 
Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin e Jim Lovell

Keith Richards

Maradona, Pele e Zidane
'There are journeys that turn into legends. Bahamas islands. 10:07' 
Sean Connery 

“Inside every story, there is a beautiful journey”
Franсis Ford Coppola & Sophia Coppola

Catherine Deneuve

"A journey brings us face to face with ourselves"
Mikhail Gorbachev passando ao lado do muro de Berlin

Steffi Graf & Andre Agassi

Ali Hewson & Bono Vox

“The journey of a star, captured in a flash.”
Annie Leibovitz & Michael Baryshnikov

The Journeys print campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, by creative director Christian Reuilly, art director Antoaneta Metchanova, copywriter Edgard Montjean, art buyer Laurence Nahmias and photographer Annie Leibovitz.


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