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Home away from Home

Visiting Bulgaria seemed exotic at first but after start researching about it, it got me like "why I haven't thought about going to this place before?" Stunning nature, great architecture, rich history and culture, interesting food etc were just the beginning..  Besides Sofia (the ca…


Dica de decoração de hoje para renovar a casa: mantas e almofadas podem fazer toda a diferença! Dá uma olhada nessas propostas lindas da Decortrico.. estou apaixonada!💕

A Decortrico surgiu de uma união bem-sucedida: um holandês com 30 anos de experiência na indústria têxtil e um empresário paulis…

Big lights, Big dreams, Big city

Saturday night got me like..

Looking for a fancy night out Midtown NY? I have a perfect place for you: St. Cloud NYC, the rooftop bar at the Knickerbocker Hotel - with a VIP view to Times Square!

I was there a few weeks ago and this is what I was wearing: Dress, heels and jewelry by Forever 21


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