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Atomic Fashion

Finally my dears! I made it for you >> all the fashion from (the best movie of the year!) 'Atomic Blonde' that Charlize's  caracther, the undercover MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton wears. 

From Burberry to Dior, I love the choices from the costume designer Cindy Evans. She said she …

La Défense

continuing #ParisavecTheriz travel diaries: the day I met La Grande Arche!

Caprichei no figurino para sair bem na foto, ou melhor, nas fotos.. e o tempo ajudou, o dia estava lindo. Peguei o metrô próximo ao Arco do Triunfo, depois de passear pela Champs-Elysées e fui!

"Sited at the heart of F…

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