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Making Learning Fun

From Barbie Land to the real world, after watching Greta Gerwig's big hit I was curious... With what kind of toys children are playing nowadays? I believe they are all about technology, tablets and virtual games, am I right? I also believe that parents are more conscious about their kids' activities and are willing to find the most sustainable, sensory and educational toys instead. 

According to the US Toys Association "Today’s shoppers are savvy, and authenticity matters more than ever to these conscious consumers. In the toy space, shoppers will be on the lookout for toys that offer deep play value while supporting companies that are enacting positive change in the world. In 2023, expect to see toys that incorporate various ways to play for consumers of all ages, including the elderly; new tech enhancements that reinforce fun and learning; and toys that not only teach social responsibility, diversity, and sustainability, but are made by companies that engage in such practices behind the scenes."

Diving deeper on my research, I found a free Money Games platform inside a Mortgage Calculator website - while the site primarily focuses on money & finance, they offer many game categories and dozens of games available, including free online Financial Video Games for kids... I mean, I'm shocked! I wish we had this when I was younger and of course I had to try a few and share here with you.

Money Games - Counting Money & Making Change like the Cashier Simulator where players operate the cash register at a grocery store. Sweet!

Idle Money Tree which aims to answer the question "does money grow on trees?" in a way that will satisfy toy-wanting children the world over while perhaps annoying more than a few parents. Fun!

Cryptocurrency & Financial Speculation Games, for example: Bitcoin Bubble Shooter, an easy and ludic 80-stage bubble shooting game themed after cryptocurrencies.

These financial games are very interesting and educational about managing finances effectively. Would you let your kids play? Let me know in the comments!