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Bye Bye Bye!!!

Farewell 2015... At least one great thing: It was a great year for feminists ✿

On Cinema:

The Oscars 2015
Our Leading Ladies - Heroines:

for 'Mad Max - Fury Road' ♀ Furiosa 
our 'Mockingjay' ♀Katniss Everdeen
when The Force comes from a Disney Princess = 'Star Wars' ♀ Rey


Time off!

Summer Time here! No cares, no worries, no rules... Just chasing the Sun!
Carnaval holiday got me like... Celebrate the "dolce far niente" - with style ✩
I chose some fashion productions to inspire you, either if you're going to enjoy a weekend at the beach or a pool party with some f…


Believe  ☆
With the country going through an economic and political crisis, unprecedented in history,  we have to stop to think, what we really want for Christmas? Transformation, change, try to correct what is wrong and start again something really new. The time is now - we have to take advantage…

Fashion Hunger

Sim, mais um post sobre a trilogia da literatura que virou fenômeno do cinema mundial. Por quê? Porque ainda está em cartaz nos cinemas; porque Jennifer Lawrenceainda é assunto, comparecendo à premieres do filme "Joy" e participando de programas de entrevistas para divulgar o mesmo filme…

Dress to kill

And talking about rebellions... David Bowie's song came to my mind...

"Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress
Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess..."
Just loved the costumes from all the Hunger Games movies series, especially the Mockingjay outfit Katniss wears in battle.


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