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Happy Easter!!

My bunny cousin and I... some years ago ;)


Ria said…
Awww so cute. Happy Easter.
Mary said…
nao gosteiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
vitoria said…
Eu gosteiiiiiii
Theriz said…
a inveja não faz parte do espírito da Páscoa hein Mariana!!
Unknown said…
cutest vintage picture ever!

<3 steffy
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alisha said…
Aww thats so so cute!
hydrangea lover said…
this is so cute photo!happy easter bunnies!
Theriz said…
hey girls! thanks a lot! glad you like it ;)
You both look so cuteeeee
Happy Easter.

p.s: thanku for your lovely comments!

Sada said…
Tres Adorable!!! Doesn't everything look better in B&W?? GREAT photo, thanks for sharing. xoxoxo