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C H E E R S !!

it's Time to make promises...

possible promises ;D
I wish all my readers and followers all the sweetest and cutest vibrations  for a perfectly fashionable & happy New Year!
♥♥ a lot of blogging to us in 2012 ♥♥


B-day gift I got... and luv it ♥

my new Barbie is an architect like me ;) hope she'll bring me luck to work a lot in 2012!

Everybody's talking about...

Michelle Williams and her new movie character as the sexiest icon ever: Marilyn Monroe! With a thing for the drama and already Oscar nominated I think that she has big chances to take the golden statue home this year... regardless of her personal life (her daughter with Heath Ledger) we have to f…

Merry Christmas!

to you my sweet and cute readers and followers ;D


The Goz

O homem do ano... pelo menos o homem de destaque do cinema em 2011 é ele! Indicado ao Oscar, Golden Globe e SAG Awards, Ryan Gosling lançou 3 filmes esse ano e está gravando mais um para 2012 - "Gangster Squad".
Sem falar que todAs lembram do romântico Noah Calhoun de "Diário de uma…

Frost yourself!

* let the sparkle of the Holiday enlighten you *

London Xmas

The shopping mecca of London and who knows of the hole world, there isn't a shopaholic who don't fall in love by Oxford St! Better than walk there unpretentious is walk around there this time of year - all stores with marvelous Christmas decorations! Prepare yourself to be inspired ... fall in love ... and of course, make a lot of purchases!


A meca das compras de Londres e quem sabe do mundo inteiro, não há uma shopaholic que não se apaixone pela Oxford St! Melhor do que andar por lá despretenciosamente é andar por lá nessa época do ano - toda decorada de enfeites de Natal maravilhosos! Não há como não se inspirar... se apaixonar... e lógico, fazer muitas compras!!

Vogue S2 Isabeli

Existe vida lá fora além de Gisele e na Vogue só dá Isabeli Fontana!  
Seguem alguns editoriais feitos em vários países e epócas diferentes 
pelos melhores fotógrafos do mundo da moda...

There's life out there besides Gisele and Vogue is all about Isabeli Fontana!
Here are some editorials made ​​in different countries and times
by the best fashion world photographers...

Vogue Nippon, November 2007

and the rain fell down...

3 dias chovendo sem parar por aqui me deixaram inspirada e resolvi fazer  esse post com um top 5 de vídeos de músicas que falam sobre chuva claro! 
3 daysof non-stoprainingaround hereleft meinspired anddecided to  makethis post withatop 5music videosthat talk aboutrainof course!

1) esse é capaz de anim…

Party at Tiffany's

The latest episode of GG "All The Pretty Sources" worth it, because you have to agree with me that nothing's quite exciting happend  in this fifth season until Blair win her so expected engagement party and of course its theme had to be "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - Blair's favourite movie!
Many pearls, blue Tiffany's boxes, macarons and even waitresses dressed as Audrey! wowwww I want this party too *-*

O último episódio de GG "All The Pretty Sources" valeu a pena, porque vocês tem que concordar comigo que essa 5° temporada tá bem devagar.... até a Blair ganhar sua festa de noivado e lógico que tinha que ser com o tema de seu filme preferido "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!
Muitas pérolas, caixinhas azuis, macarons e até garçonetes vestidas de Audrey!! Ahhhh eu quero uma festa assim tb!!!

Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

Melhor do que estudar Moda, é estudar na melhor escola de Moda do mundo (de acordo com o top 50 do site Fashionista)!! E a mais linda tb - as salas ficam em um edíficio novo de arquitetura contemporânea anexado a uma construção antiga clássica, nos arredores da estação de King's Cross St Pancras, que dá acesso à faculdade... um sonho!

Better than studying Fashion is studying at the best Fashion school of the world (according to Fashionista top 50)! And it's the most beautiful too - the classrooms are in a new building of contemporary architecture attached to an old classical building on the outskirts of the station King's Cross St. Pancras, which gives access to college ... truly a dream!

Moves Like Jagger

Considered a Sex Symbol in the '70s nobody moves like Mick Jagger...
and this Maroon 5 new song keeps going through my head!

Everybody loves Mick - including Keith Richards XD

Dressing up

A walk at Oxford st and a photo at New Look store...

Dress and bag - Camden Lock Market Boots - Primark


It's friday today! But actually it doesn't make a lot difference to me 'cause I'm on vacation... but I'm happy anyway... tomorrow it's my last day of class at CSM and I'm going back to BR finally ;D
+ I ❤️ this video!

É exatamente assim!! Concorda?? Te espero na próxima s…

Mad Hatter

Look my new hat I just bought at H&M for only 9,99 pounds!! Is it gorgeous?!! haha....
So... I enjoyed the sunny Sunday to go out with him and we had a great time at the Spitalfields Market ;D

C'est la vie!

2nd time in Paris... no words to describe... I just adore la Tour Eiffel!!

belle et douce

Ahhh Paris... vous fait rever!... e ir às compras ;)
Como não dá pra ficar gastando muito e consumindo toda a alta costura que a cidade oferece (ainda!), vamos ao básico e essencial pra levar de recordação...

la Mode

Bonjour Paris!!

I'm in Paris... ❤❤❤

"I want to step out
Down the champs-élysées,
From the arch of triumph
To the petit palais.
That's for me:
Bonjour, paris!

I want to wander
Through the saint-honoré,
Do some window shopping
In the rue de la paix
That's for me:
Bonjour, paris!

I want to see the d…


Time to talk about movies in London...
Afinal não é todo dia que estou aqui, nem todo dia que acontece o BFI London Film Festival.
Para conseguir ir à estreia de 360 me tornei membro do BFI e comprei o tão concorrido ingresso, mas valeu a pena pois no final do filme teve um bate papo com ninguém menos que o diretor Fernando Meirelles e o escritor Peter Morgan!


After all it is not everyday that I am here, not every day that happens the BFI London Film Festival.

To be able to go to the premiere of "360" I joined the BFI and bought the ticket so crowded, but worth it because at the end of the movie had a chat with none other than the director Fernando Meirelles and writer Peter Morgan!

A day to remember ... and of course I recommend the movie too;)

Mind the Gap

Between the train and the plataform pls!

Food & Wine

No... I'm not drinking wine yet dad! It's just the name of some markets here that sells all the tipes of food and drinks! haha...
So here are some of my meals these days in LDN...



If you wanna live in London like a real londoner like me (haha..) you need always have a great book with you to read inside the bus... the tube... in the park... drinking a coffe somewhere... etc! I've already got mines... walking in Holborn I found a Waterstone's bookshop and started lookin…


Da outra vez vinha todos os dias para estudar na The English Studio,
e ficava passeando pelo bairro no intervalo da aula... 
Descobrindo os parques, a mistura da arquitetura contemporânea com a clássica... e
até o British Museum!
Dessa vez é só para matar a saudade mesmo ;)

1st Aid

Carryingbagfrom one side tothe other...flight ofalmost 12hours long...hotel.. home! broken nailsand enamelstripping! I had to buyafirst aid kitto fix it ;)
And the result... tell me if you like it ;)

Storm by Revlon


First Day


"Blue jean baby, L.A lady
Seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed
Pirate smile
You'll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must've seen her
Dancing in the sand
And now she's in me, always with me
Tiny dancer in my hand

Jesus freaks out in the street
Handing tickets out for God
Turning bac…


"Sometimes I feel the fear
Of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much
I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague
Haunting mass appeal
But lately I'm beginning to find that
I should be the one behind t…


Just booked in Fashion Drawing for Absolute Beginners at Central Saint Martins...  See you there ;D

University of the Arts London


happy birthday to the King


Vacations are getting closer... so I have to be prepared ;D

home coming!

Precious Creature

The Beauty of the Weird

Leighton Meester

Just for the record... I S2 Leighton... Blair... and I'm missing GG!!

Radical Chic

O Astro

There's only one thing that attracts me more than Fashion - Astrology! The stars' influence on all forms of the Earth life only can be explained as Magic!

Siri Tollerod by Tim Gutt for Vogue UK 2010 Dec Issue

Capricórnio (22 de dezembro a 20 de janeiro)

"A Capricorniana é capricornial

Paris when it rains

Imagine se sentar em um degrau qualquer, de uma rua qualquer, de um beco qualquer em Paris... O sino de uma igreja qualquer badala meia-noite e de repente.... você volta aos anos 1920!!! Auge do Modernismo e de repente, você está sentado em uma mesa de bar tomando um drink com Dalí, Buñuel e Man Ray…

The Gala

The last but not the least... Barbie goes to the Gala!!

My obsession

More perfect Barbies!!The reason and the beginning of my obsession for Fashion...

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